The walk.

After returning from Africa last year, I felt I had achieved something in my life. Helping the kids at Lily, traveling through Namibia, making amazing friends that I truly treasure and discovering Africa, a place like nowhere else in the world. I know it might sound stereotypical but my little adventure changed me, for the better. It opened my eyes and coming back to London now I see there are so many more adventures to have- right here in the UK! I have been sitting on this idea for a long, long time now, thinking can I actually do this? Yes I can. So here goes nothing… I am going to walk from London to Edinburgh in May 2015. All by foot. Why? Because sometimes the adventure is right in front of you, no need to fly far, far away just take a step outside of your door and see the wonderful world we have right here. Forget that awful morning commute, leave the house work and ignore those that say you can’t do something you want to do. Let’s do this!


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