Why am I walking from London to Scotland?!

It might be a good idea to explain why this is all taking place…

Last year, as I previously mentioned, I went out to South Africa. I didn’t want to just go do the travelling thing I wanted to give back and get involved in a project that I actually believed in. I was struggling to find an organisation or charity that didn’t charge ridiculous costs (which quite frankly I do not know where this money goes to?!) and that allowed me to explore my creative side.

I then came across TWOWEEKS. They are a small not for profit organisation based in the UK, currently supporting organisations out in South Africa – I was able to work on my photography and teach creatively to the kids

PERFECT! This was just what I was looking for!

So who are TWOWEEKS exactly?

TWOWEEKS are an organisation that enables professionals with a variety of skills to volunteer overseas for a minimum of two weeks. They aim to relieve suffering through improved healthcare, education and relief of social deprivation. They provide assistance to projects already in existence around the world, in particular South Africa where they work with 3 orphanages and assist with other community endeavours.

TWOWEEKS Facebook Page:



I feel this is a incredible charity which is completely run by a small group of volunteers and it deserves every bit of recognition and penny that I can raise!

So now you know the core meaning behind the walk, maybe you feel like donating a little 🙂

If you do my Virgin giving page is-



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