Shoes, shoes, shoes. Which shoes to walk in?

So big dilemma guys! Need some help!

So on my London to Edinburgh walk I need to right kind of shoes of course. But which ones? I have been told a decent runners shoe, a leather boot or a gore tex boot… but everyone is saying different things and I am worried I will pick the wrong shoe…

At the moment I walk to and from work in a basic pretty cheap running shoe but I love it, I feel springy and happy and great. I have trained in a heavy leather walking boot with ankle support but I find this…. a bit clunky and theres no fun spring.

Do I need the ankle support of a walkers boot or the springyness of a running shoe?

I was recommended:

Hi Tec Figaro Lux shoe –

This is quite a stylish shoe so I could go for a different brand which is more waterproof and durable.. I can get two of these for the price of one boot…

If anyone out there wants to recommend or give me some shoe tips that would be extremely helpful!


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