Christmas is not always a fun time for everyone.

Christmas is meant to be a time of joy, happiness, the new year is close and we should be celebrating with loved ones. This is not always the case for everyone…

When you have little food and water, your living conditions are low and your whole drive for life is almost on stop mode. The last thing you want to do is celebrate. By providing fresh clothing and bedding, putting a meal on the table for a family, reading a story to a child… All these little things help bring a tiny bit of joy and a smile to someone in need.

There are so many fantastic charities, organisations and support teams out there supporting those in need and it is vital they keep going and people keep donating to their causes. It can be a hard cold time over Christmas all over the world for many families, so think of what you have and be grateful for the life and chances you have been given.

I want the money I raise from my walk to go back into the communities that need it and deserve the help and support. We have so much in the Western world that we take for granted, just to be able to put a tasty hot meal on the table for a family or give a child a chance with their education… If you feel the same please show your support and sponsor me! Support TWOWEEKS by donating, get into that Christmas spirit.

Thank you. x


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