Hillsong London

I had my first experience with Hillsong on Sunday evening. I was unsure what to expect, I do not regularly go to church, the only time I have really been to church was out in South Africa with TWOWEEKS. It was a very humble experience, the church we attended in SA was pretty cool and young and I felt at ease. Hillsong is a lot like this but even better! Very inspiring and really diverse. The preaching was not in your face it was easy to understand and allowed me to see Christianity in the light I saw it when I was out in Africa. When arriving back in England from my 2 month trip to South Africa in Jan this year I was worried I would lose sight of the new path I wanted to follow… And I did, I fell straight back into the London trap. The moment I stepped back into England, back to my old life I slightly lost the new direction I wanted to take. But today has definitely put my back in touch with why I am here. And the walk is playing on my mind more than ever. So thank you Hillsong!

We can’t all change the world but by believing in others and changing the negative and fearful attitude we have of each other, we can do our little bit to make a difference. Come join me on my journey and see what can happen for you?


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