Training Program (so far…)

I have put together a basic training program for my walk. There are many different approaches to take and mine is most probably not right at all but it is what suits me and it is what I can fit into my weeks… I will trial it for January and then make amendments each month onwards.

Per Week

2 runs a week (spread throughout the week) approx 5k distance

1 session of Yoga or Pilates

After work walk – work to home/ home around the block etc. (1 hour+/ approx 3 miles)

Every day walk from Waterloo to work and back (1.5 miles each way)

Weekend morning walk (15miles +)

Stretch everyday

20 min walk with extremely heavy bag (twice- three times a week)

If anyone has any tips or changes please let me know, of course as I get closer to the walk I will be doing more long distances in a row, but I think for me this is good!


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