The Man on the train…

Good morning,

Today I met a man on the train into work, he started talking to me. It was a brief encounter but there was a lot said from the little conversation had. I always enjoy a conversation with a stranger on the train, on the bus, in the shop… I love talking and reading people, after all we are such fascinating creatures. Often we are in the ‘commuter’ trance so people are scared of each other, I hear their thoughts…

“THIS WEIRD MAN IS TALKING TO ME… WHAT DO I DO?? Quick. Just look down and pretend you can’t hear..”

But I enjoy it greatly, it makes me happy and I feel united. After all work is so darn isolating for me at the moment!

Anyway… back to the story. So this man said hello to the little group of strangers he had sat next to, which included myself, and a few nods were given. Then he looked at my the front of my little book I am reading

‘How to connect with nature’

We talked a little about it, and he told me he had said hello to a little Squirrel as he had been at the platform and a gentleman standing next to him thought he was saying “hello little Squirrel” to him. He then said “Of course I wasn’t saying hello little Squirrel to him, that would of been rather strange!! I always talk to animals..” He then went on to tell me about a little Robin he had listened to singing the other day.  It was all quite funny really the way he told the stories and his little floppy hat. He was a well spoken ‘normal’ man just making conversation. I then went on to tell him I needed to connect with nature because I am walking from London to Edinburgh. He said I had best get back to my book then and gave a little smile.

Human interaction can change our whole mood and completely set our day up with a new happier path, it is a powerful, fantastic thing and many people are just so frightened to engage with someone they don’t know. If you are in a busy, safe environment and you are just exchanging words, what is so wrong with that? They are not going to ‘get you’ or become your new best friend, a few words and then goodbye and you may never, ever see that person again. Go about your day.

What is it we are so scared about? Is it that we are a lazy selfish nation? U miserable bunch of sheep herding ourselves to work. What is it that causes the cold silence on the morning commute?

So that is my morning story, do share yours too.

Enjoy your weekends x


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