Paula Reid Talk

I went to an incredibly inspiring talk held by the lovely Paula Reid last night.

Paula skied the Full Distance from the Coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, taking 46 days.

The way she spoke about her pre trip planning, the actual adventure and the after was very calm and collected, she knew exactly what was needed to the T. She spoke in a way which showed me she was a very sure woman. She is sure of herself achieving this incredible distance had reinforced every element. I don’t think one could take up this challenge without being fully aware of themselves and being at one.

I really need to take some of this energy and push it into my walk, I will be alone for most of this and loneliness can eat at your soul causing you to want to quit. I need an empty, clear mind to be able to focus each day and take the steps all the way to the end.

Hannah's Walk

Thank you Paula, I look forward to hearing of you next challenge! See Paula’s website here.


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