Tips on foot blisters. Yes tasty blisters. yummy.

The blister is most probably going to be my best friend when I set off on my walk. There is only so much preparation I can do for the dreaded blister. I have fairly hardened feet which always helps prevent a blister but you just cannot stop them creeping in.

I found this lovely little article titled ‘ Tips on blisters’ from Peter Robins, it was actually written in 2005 but it is still very relevant, I have pulled out a few key tips:

  • If you feel a small stone or gravel or anything in your boot, remove it immediately, it won’t go away as it has nowhere to go, it is best out of the boot and back onto the ground with the rest of those annoying little rocks and gravel pieces.
  • Make sure you have the right boot for you, if its comfy and decent go for it, if its cheap and feels small, thin, or if it is old, get something different. You really will benefit from a good boot. And wear them in a fair bit beforehand.
  • wear two pairs of socks, a thinner inner pair and an outer thicker, this helps with sweat, thinner socks are easier to dry and will hopefully absorb most of the sweat before reaching the thicker pair. The thicker pair is for that little bit more padding. Wash the inner pair every evening and they should be dry by morning.
  • Your boot might be waterproof but if in snow or heavy rain the wet can get in from the top and absorb down into the boot and sock, not fun at all. So wear waterproof trousers or gaiters. Very fashionable attire I’ve heard these days.
  • Wash your feet in the evening not in the morning, feet soften once exposed to a toasty bath or hot shower, perhaps shower of an evening? something to think about..

For the full blistering article go here.


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