Baffin in action

Testing my Baffin wear.

Baffin is Canada’s largest manufacturer of boots, especially designed for winter seasons. They also do a fantastic range of clothing items too, which I tested out this weekend.

Baffin is an Island in Canada named after the English navigator and explorer William Baffin, who died in January 1622. It is Canada’s largest island and sits in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. It has an extremely cold climate so Baffin boots would be ideal here as most of Baffin Island lies above the chilly Arctic Circle.

This is all very interesting to me as I would not of known any of this information if it had not been for the outdoors brand Baffin to have brought it all to my attention. You learn something new everyday!

So my experiences with Baffin… I decided to try out my short sleeve mid-layer Baffin vest top, with a breathable long sleeve under top (not Baffin) to keep my arms warm. It was a sunny day but there was still a chill in the air and it was fairly windy. Normally when I have been training I get so itchy and hot and stuffy from some of my other mid-layers I wear, but my Baffin just keep me so happy and regulated, I didn’t need to add or remove any extra layers… when I was in the shade I zipped right up, when in the sun I just undid the zip, fantastic little number!

It has really nice sort of reflective lines around the pockets and down the front zip, which I think adds a nice touch, easy to see in the dark – I haven’t tried it out in the dark but will definitely come in handy. I also really like the material it is made with (what is the material??) it feels spongy and different to any other outdoors item I have felt, it holds its shape really well.

I can’t really fault this product as it is made perfectly for the sort of thing I am going to be using it for. I am very excited to try out my other Baffin top, which I will do on my next train maybe in the week. I love trying new things! This is a lovely brand, well designed, high quality material – I would recommend to walkers and hikers, a very lightweight and useful item to have in your backpack.

Thank you Baffin x

hannahs walk   Baffin Hannah's Walk

You can see the product I tested here.


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