Day 1 25th May Edinburgh to Lothian Bridge

Hello everyone, 

How are we all? We are making great progress. We have survived our first 2 nights and 2 days walking. It’s been slow but that is how we like it after all the tortoise wins the race. 

So let’s begin…

1st night

Our first night was just on the outskirts of Edinburgh, 8 miles away to be exact. It was situated right under a very beautiful Viaduct Bridge, the train however did not run as the track was still being built. We did have the lovely noisey A7 right by our tent all night. Oh such joy with the cars going past all night. Anyway we slept well and walked our first 8 miles with ease, mum walked with me she did very well. A little nagging to start but of course, the usual mother moans. 

Here are some snaps from day 1. 

                       We really are having a lovely time as a family, well half the family. Might not be saying that after a week but keep reading and checking up on our progress and of course spread the word of what the cause is for! (TWOWEEKSIVN)
Day 2  coming next… Horrendous  signal please wait until  I get to Jedburgh tomorrow


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