Day 3 and Day 4 

I’m sort of losing count of the days here. Which day am I on, it is all jumbling into one!

Day 3 and Day 4 

Both progressive days I must say. We stayed at the same camp site – Jedwater in Jedburgh and we drove back to the finishing point at the start of each day.  It felt a little unprogressive doing it that way but we needed a 2 night stay as putting the tent up and down was a nightmare all the time. 

A mixture of roads and country trails. We did manage to get a little lost as we couldn’t cross a river at one point. Thought we might do a little swimming but it wasn’t worth it! 

Lovely, lovely people at Jedwater, donated us in total £60+ very very kind. These are the sorts of things that are keeping me going. So thank you Jim, Liz and Neil. 

Everyone is so friendly up here, they all say good morning to me, not like in London. People would think you were attacking them if you said hello back home … Just crazy really. 

Very cold, wet and more cold but we are getting the miles done. Reaching the border today which I am SO happy about! 

Just got to face the A68 for one more time, I practically live on this road. 

More updates in a few days. Rest day tomorrow! 



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