Today is my birthday! 

And I don’t get a rest on my birthday still walking, still committed everyday! 

Christina and I did a medium sized walk of about 11 miles today which was nice. The sun has been out and it has been absolutely glorious, I do however look like a weathered piece of leather which is nice. All red and burnt, great for the skin! It is hard to keep out of the sun, even when you don’t think it is sunny it is still there getting me. 

A lovely walk along the B6278… 

We saw a very strange site… Pretty horrid really. Some awful animal killings around the countryside. Stringed up moles!! Let the moles live!


A good days walk we made further progress. Here are a few snaps from any days I have missed. I can’t quite keep count of when I am walking and where I am anymore! All I know is each day I progress further and further along the country and I am feeling very happy. Thank you ALL for all the support and donations that keep coming in. Keep them coming! 








I will always remember this birthday 🙂 x


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