Today is the first day it has sunk in how far I’ve actually walked. I’ve walked from Edinburgh. I actually feel a bit emotional! I’ve wanted this walk to succeed so so much for so long. Like my whole being and soul was in this walk for such a long time and now I am actually so so close to achieving it. I mean of course I’ve still got a fair few miles to go but I’ve done the biggest chunk. And that is all thanks to my absolutely outstanding parents that I have. I mean they gave up their time, effort, money, everything to get me through and we did it! With no real major hiccups.

So really today I want to thank them and prove to them really that I can achieve this!!! And you guys can help by donating some more cash to TWOWEEKS and really keep me going 🙂 🙂 

Click here to donate
Amazing experience, amazingly kind people on route stopping and saying hello, keeping me going. Humans can be nice after all. 

Yesterday was a good day. Last night we have a hotel, oh my gosh, the first night in an actual bed for a month.  And there is a TV  🙂 


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