Walking to work, protein bars and my happy little deformed toe…

Hello all

Just a little update on what’s new with me.

So last night I felt like going for a little walk, as I normally love doing after work. Time to think, chat to friends, get my feet hardened for the real deal (which is happening on 23rd May BTW!). So I started to walk, I walked to Vauxhall.. 3 miles… I walked to Clapham Junction 4.5 miles… I just walked the whole way home back to Putney… 8 miles! Fantastic.

I then decided hmmm… let’s give that another go but in reverse at 6am instead, so I walked from Putney back to work in Central London. Another 8 miles, maybe I should go again tonight?

When I reached the office this morning I had a little nibble on my well awaited Protein Bar, ok so have you ever tried a Protein Bar? It takes like old, cardboard, mixed with off socks. Why on earth must I eat this? I think I will stick to bananas and eggs. Disgusting!

I must say I do feel pretty knackered now from it all sat at my desk. But good knackered, happy, energised, content.

Oh yes and my little deformed toe I hear you asking? Well I have been wearing a toe ring for the past 3 or 4 years and took it off recently, my toe is rather misshapen and painful. The toe ring was actually moulding into my toe, strange how the body adapts to funny bits of decorative metal.

well that is my last few day recap, it is now only a few weeks until I go. I cannot believe it has come around so quickly. I am happy inside my soul. Beautifully happy and content with my life right at this moment in time. I have been waiting a long time to say this.

Thank you Mother Earth x


World Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Go forth and plant a tree, kiss the ground and be at one with nature for Mother Earth is the reason we humans are able to live and breathe. She has lent us her planet so we should respect what we have been given. No fighting now please!

Take it all in, and you might just discover a place you never knew you could reach. 😉

Glastonbury? Not this year…

Yesterday the realisation kicked in. I will not be going to Glastonbury festival this year.

I never thought I would say those words.

It pains me! It is the highlight of my year, everything about Glastonbury is magical, creative and it is made for me! … but this year I will be walking the walk so it is ok for me to miss it. It is for a good cause and it will be a once in a life time walk that I probably will never take again. So I can justify missing Glasto for one year.

But next year, now that is a different story….

Weekend Walking

This weekend was a beautiful one, absolutely perfect for a stroll in the park. Everyone was peeling off their winter layers, for at last a bit of sunshine on our beaming faces.

I did a 10 mile round walk early Sunday morning and I actually found it pretty ok. I could quite happily get up the next day and go again, I was a little sleepy afterwards but I think I needed to manage my food intake better. More food at the beginning.

I of course did my standard Richmond park route with an added 4 miles, lots of lovely things passed me by on route, the main thing I enjoyed was when two strangers dogs decided to have a little session right in the middle of the path. Oh how I did chuckle.

I trialled a little power up pouch which was interesting, quite enjoyed the little kick.


Lots of happy trees along route.

image9 image8 image7

do not pick the mushies.

image10 image6

I had a lovely walk and I can’t wait to go again, this time I will increase the weight of my bag and go for a little further. Next walk Putney to Holborn Viaduct 6am.

See you all soon!

Tips on foot blisters. Yes tasty blisters. yummy.

The blister is most probably going to be my best friend when I set off on my walk. There is only so much preparation I can do for the dreaded blister. I have fairly hardened feet which always helps prevent a blister but you just cannot stop them creeping in.

I found this lovely little article titled ‘ Tips on blisters’ from Peter Robins, it was actually written in 2005 but it is still very relevant, I have pulled out a few key tips:

  • If you feel a small stone or gravel or anything in your boot, remove it immediately, it won’t go away as it has nowhere to go, it is best out of the boot and back onto the ground with the rest of those annoying little rocks and gravel pieces.
  • Make sure you have the right boot for you, if its comfy and decent go for it, if its cheap and feels small, thin, or if it is old, get something different. You really will benefit from a good boot. And wear them in a fair bit beforehand.
  • wear two pairs of socks, a thinner inner pair and an outer thicker, this helps with sweat, thinner socks are easier to dry and will hopefully absorb most of the sweat before reaching the thicker pair. The thicker pair is for that little bit more padding. Wash the inner pair every evening and they should be dry by morning.
  • Your boot might be waterproof but if in snow or heavy rain the wet can get in from the top and absorb down into the boot and sock, not fun at all. So wear waterproof trousers or gaiters. Very fashionable attire I’ve heard these days.
  • Wash your feet in the evening not in the morning, feet soften once exposed to a toasty bath or hot shower, perhaps shower of an evening? something to think about..

For the full blistering article go here.

Paula Reid Talk

I went to an incredibly inspiring talk held by the lovely Paula Reid last night.

Paula skied the Full Distance from the Coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, taking 46 days.

The way she spoke about her pre trip planning, the actual adventure and the after was very calm and collected, she knew exactly what was needed to the T. She spoke in a way which showed me she was a very sure woman. She is sure of herself achieving this incredible distance had reinforced every element. I don’t think one could take up this challenge without being fully aware of themselves and being at one.

I really need to take some of this energy and push it into my walk, I will be alone for most of this and loneliness can eat at your soul causing you to want to quit. I need an empty, clear mind to be able to focus each day and take the steps all the way to the end.

Hannah's Walk

Thank you Paula, I look forward to hearing of you next challenge! See Paula’s website here.

Preparing and Care of the Body

The Long Distance Walkers Association have provided some great tips for preparing the body for a long distance walk.

Step 1. The Feet.
Step 2. The Ankles, Knees & Hips.
Step 3. The Small of the Back.
Step 4. The Stairs.
Step 5. The Slope.

See the full details of each step hereYou can also read more on the LDWA they have excellent resources and tips for walkers, great network.https://www.ldwa.org.uk/index.php

The Man on the train…

Good morning,

Today I met a man on the train into work, he started talking to me. It was a brief encounter but there was a lot said from the little conversation had. I always enjoy a conversation with a stranger on the train, on the bus, in the shop… I love talking and reading people, after all we are such fascinating creatures. Often we are in the ‘commuter’ trance so people are scared of each other, I hear their thoughts…

“THIS WEIRD MAN IS TALKING TO ME… WHAT DO I DO?? Quick. Just look down and pretend you can’t hear..”

But I enjoy it greatly, it makes me happy and I feel united. After all work is so darn isolating for me at the moment!

Anyway… back to the story. So this man said hello to the little group of strangers he had sat next to, which included myself, and a few nods were given. Then he looked at my the front of my little book I am reading

‘How to connect with nature’

We talked a little about it, and he told me he had said hello to a little Squirrel as he had been at the platform and a gentleman standing next to him thought he was saying “hello little Squirrel” to him. He then said “Of course I wasn’t saying hello little Squirrel to him, that would of been rather strange!! I always talk to animals..” He then went on to tell me about a little Robin he had listened to singing the other day.  It was all quite funny really the way he told the stories and his little floppy hat. He was a well spoken ‘normal’ man just making conversation. I then went on to tell him I needed to connect with nature because I am walking from London to Edinburgh. He said I had best get back to my book then and gave a little smile.

Human interaction can change our whole mood and completely set our day up with a new happier path, it is a powerful, fantastic thing and many people are just so frightened to engage with someone they don’t know. If you are in a busy, safe environment and you are just exchanging words, what is so wrong with that? They are not going to ‘get you’ or become your new best friend, a few words and then goodbye and you may never, ever see that person again. Go about your day.

What is it we are so scared about? Is it that we are a lazy selfish nation? U miserable bunch of sheep herding ourselves to work. What is it that causes the cold silence on the morning commute?

So that is my morning story, do share yours too.

Enjoy your weekends x

These Boots Were Made For Walking

I have finally walked through my first pair of boots…

I was walking in Richmond park and thought… gosh… my left sole of my foot is killing me what on earth..? So I undid it and had a good peak inside the boot, I believe I am nearly at the bottom of the boot and right through to the ground! Well ok maybe I am over exaggerating a little! But I have walked through the innersole and I have had them for maybe 6 or 7 years? Maybe longer… It could be time for a new pair perhaps?

Good bye boots!

Hannahs walk

Training Program (so far…)

I have put together a basic training program for my walk. There are many different approaches to take and mine is most probably not right at all but it is what suits me and it is what I can fit into my weeks… I will trial it for January and then make amendments each month onwards.

Per Week

2 runs a week (spread throughout the week) approx 5k distance

1 session of Yoga or Pilates

After work walk – work to home/ home around the block etc. (1 hour+/ approx 3 miles)

Every day walk from Waterloo to work and back (1.5 miles each way)

Weekend morning walk (15miles +)

Stretch everyday

20 min walk with extremely heavy bag (twice- three times a week)

If anyone has any tips or changes please let me know, of course as I get closer to the walk I will be doing more long distances in a row, but I think for me this is good!