I got featured in the newspaper I did :)

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The last day! 

Hello everyone! 

I tried to post last night but it failed and I was so tired. I have been feeling more and more tired as the last week has come to a close I think my mind is ready to stop. 

Today is my last and final day walking! My goodness I can’t believe it is over and I am actually saying it. What a journey…. 

I want to thank all the lovely people for their donations, their support, their genuine kindness, we humans can sometimes pull together and I really have felt blessed. 

A huge thank you goes to Karen for putting up with me yesterday and my madness! I have such belief in TWOWEEKS and the work that is being done. I am proud to walk for the charity, very very proud to be apart of it all. 

I think this walk is going to bring big changes to my life and I do feel like a calmer better person. I am ready for what is to come! I am the happiest I have ever been and I think it is because I have left go of my fears and also all that nature I’ve been surrounded by. Glorious! 

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies at The Old Bell for the lovely scallops and a little smile, that was a hard day so thank you. 

Here is to the last day and to the many more adventures to come! Today I walk from Harrow to Twickenham, my final destination, a final 11 miles. 

Thank you to everyone and of course any last donations, you know what to do! Click here

One last round of photos from the last few days of walking, I covered Bedford to Flitwick to Luton to St. Albans. 

See you on the other side! 


Nearing the 300 mile mark… 

Hello my lovely readers!

It has been a few days since I have updated you all on my adventure. I’ve been very busy meeting people and having lots of fun. And also moaning a lot about carrying my tortoise bag for what feels like a million miles. 

I’m still in very good spirit because of all the kind gestures from people along the way. Let me tell you what has been happening…

It started with the lovely ladies at Smeatons Lakes, they gave us a free night. Very kind of you thank you Lesley! We came across the place where they make British Sugar which was interesting and ate some tasty food served by a very kind young lady at The Ram in Newark. 

We walked through a rather lot of fields! And with my new found friends having a sniff, the cows, one actually licked my hand which I was very happy about. We came across an AMAZING poppy field, completely full of Poppies, it was such a beautiful site. One I will never forget. We laid in the grass, picked some flowers, ate some delicious food. 

The day before yesterday we were absolutely shattered and decided to stop after about 8 or 9 miles in a very nice pub in Hose called The Rose and Crown, the owner was very sweet and even allowed us to camp in her Paddock. So of course many beers and pizzas later we spent the night there. Which I do believe was a bird sanctuary and they all decided to tweet away at 4am. The beautiful croaky pigeon was amongst the team. And as you all know I love the sound of the wood pigeon. (Not). Very kind owners and we thank them for the free accommodation. X

I think yesterday might of been one of the best days we’ve had. Firstly we met Nigel. Now Nigel really is a one in a million. You just don’t come across people so kind as he is. A thank you from the bottom of our hearts. He firstly served us some tasty pork pies, the only place in Melton Mawbray to get pies. We had a great chat about life, the walk, the area etc. He then wrapped up some scones, all buttered and delicious, and he dropped off our food shopping to the camp site! Just such a warm soul and a lovely human being. Thank you Nig x

Last night was very enjoyable staying at Eye Kettleby Lakes, which might I add they gave to us for free!! A beautiful wooden restaurant and bar. Oh my goodness the showers were just incredible. They had that real wood sauna smell to them. Clean, tidy, just really kept well. A huge thank you to the owner of the land, a very gentle man and Craig and the bar lady. 

And thank you Kev for the £5 donation! 

Gosh I feel like I have waffled on a rather lot but I feel very humbled from all my experiences with other humans who pass me by along my journey. People stop by the road and ask if we need a ride, they come up to us and have a chat. I will remember each and ever special moment always. The first 3 weeks were magical and without my bag it was almost trainng for this last push. 

I hope you haven’t nodded off, but maybe my little post today will bring a smile to your face and cheer up your Monday. After all. Life is good, stay happy and keep walking! 


Today is the first day it has sunk in how far I’ve actually walked. I’ve walked from Edinburgh. I actually feel a bit emotional! I’ve wanted this walk to succeed so so much for so long. Like my whole being and soul was in this walk for such a long time and now I am actually so so close to achieving it. I mean of course I’ve still got a fair few miles to go but I’ve done the biggest chunk. And that is all thanks to my absolutely outstanding parents that I have. I mean they gave up their time, effort, money, everything to get me through and we did it! With no real major hiccups.

So really today I want to thank them and prove to them really that I can achieve this!!! And you guys can help by donating some more cash to TWOWEEKS and really keep me going 🙂 🙂 

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Amazing experience, amazingly kind people on route stopping and saying hello, keeping me going. Humans can be nice after all. 

Yesterday was a good day. Last night we have a hotel, oh my gosh, the first night in an actual bed for a month.  And there is a TV  🙂 

My long awaited day off… 

It is Saturday and it is my day off walking today. Feels very strange as we are in amongst civilisation. I am wear the most stylish of clothes… Socks and sandals, only the best look for up here. 

We are in Richmond, Yorkshire currently. It is very lovely here. A small town with little cottages and a local market. A lovely little castle with a walk way all the way around. Very picturesque. 

The camp site we are staying at is also very lovely, rather basic, fantastic facilities a little farm yard style thrown in real rural rustic shower. Nice gaffer tape here and there. 

I just wish this wind would stop the poor tent has nearly blown down! And it is just so cold all the time. What a lovely British summer… 

The next big aim is the 200 mark which I hope to reach in the next few days! 


Ice fingers

I would share today’s antics but I am so unbelievably cold sitting in the camp site swing park trying desperately to get wifi. Oh the life of a Londonder where wifi is like your 3rd arm. Fear not my followers tomorrow I reach Hexham and appears to be a big town because they keep telling me there is a Lidl! It must be a huge town! Can’t wait to get there. 

Today’s walk fantastic across the Moors I sometimes wonder if we are still in Winter up here feels like the Artic circle. Gosh. Best get to bed it is getting late… It is past 9pm! Up at 5am. 

Will reconvene the story after the next 16.5 miles in the city of Hexham. 


Day 1 25th May Edinburgh to Lothian Bridge

Hello everyone, 

How are we all? We are making great progress. We have survived our first 2 nights and 2 days walking. It’s been slow but that is how we like it after all the tortoise wins the race. 

So let’s begin…

1st night

Our first night was just on the outskirts of Edinburgh, 8 miles away to be exact. It was situated right under a very beautiful Viaduct Bridge, the train however did not run as the track was still being built. We did have the lovely noisey A7 right by our tent all night. Oh such joy with the cars going past all night. Anyway we slept well and walked our first 8 miles with ease, mum walked with me she did very well. A little nagging to start but of course, the usual mother moans. 

Here are some snaps from day 1. 

                       We really are having a lovely time as a family, well half the family. Might not be saying that after a week but keep reading and checking up on our progress and of course spread the word of what the cause is for! (TWOWEEKSIVN)
Day 2  coming next… Horrendous  signal please wait until  I get to Jedburgh tomorrow

Support Team Burgess

Well I do love seeing other walking doing the walking thing!

Support Jo on her Salisbury – Winchester 26 mile walk that she is doing on May 31st.

She is raising money for Naomi House and Jacksplace, supporting life-limited and life threatened kids

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