Karin, Katy and little ol’ Betsy

oh what a delightful day we’ve had! The four of us! Karin and Katy, fellow TWOWEEKS volunteers joined me walking for a day and Katy brought along her gorgeous dog Betsy. It was such a treat to have some girls time. So a big thank you to them for joining and giving me a bit of a lighter day. 

We walk about 10 miles from Retford to Tuxford and then stopped for a really tasty lunch in the local cafe ChilliPetals, which also had an art gallery. We received two donations from the ladies at the cafe so a big thank you to them for all the support 🙂 

A really sunny lovely day with the girls here are a few snaps. 



The last 3 miles of the day… 

So I’m just walking to Retford at the moment. I have a pretty decent path and I’ve only about 3 miles left to do. I thought I would do a little update whilst walking. Something to kill the time. 

Today has been rather nice. The Suns been out keeping me company along the road side. The roads were a bit killer today, lots of trucks and no path this morning. 

I am very much looking forward to getting back to London but I am also not wishing this to be over to quickly as it’s been a big eye opener to see how the rest of the UK live and putting things on the map in my head.  

There’s just something so nice about walking it’s strange. I feel very attached to it.  Very calm and at one when I walk along the road. Even if I feel tired or bored I still find it ok to walk. I’m not hating it and I don’t think I will get to a point where I hate it. Even if I am exhausted I will still walk. After all tomorrow brings a new day and I carry on until the end. 

Here are a few snaps from my time so far on the road. Some that I’ve missed from the beginning and some recent memories.



And off we go again! 

After a nice day off of resting at the smelly campsite we are on the road again. Away from fly city and out into the countryside, a lot less cows and sheepies and much more agricultural farming now. 

Collecting my leaves along route. Just so much Elder around now, the flowers are in full beam. I will make some cordial in the next coming week or so. 

We have taken a slightly shorter route then planned as it cuts a big chunk out so a lot further ahead of schedule. We walked from Fairburn to Askern to an absolutely wonderful peacef campsite. We need a bit of quiet country nice ness after what we’ve had! Tomorrow we will be making our way through Doncaster, well the outskirts. 

There have been certain little moments that have resparked my joys of the walk when I have been feeling a bit fed up. Today was one of them. I met a lovely lady working at the Co Operative, she was genuinely interested in my story so that was really nice and made me smile. A good end to the day. 

Although I do have a bit of Sciatica in my bum which is a bit of a pain. Just need to rest tonight and have some wine. Wine always helps. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of summer I sure am 🙂 

Happy Walking! X

Photo time: 


And the sunshine came out

oh we have had a lovely couple of days of sunshine and tomorrow they say it is still going to be lovely again. I have ever growing strange tan lines, the sock lines are the most flattering 😉 

The middle part of the UK is rather dull not much to differentiate one day from the next lots of sweet country villages and windy roads to navigate round. Very pretty and sweet but not where I would chose to actually live. I am missing London today I must say. 

So the last couple of days I walked a variety of some days alone and some with my dad and some afternoons with my mum. It’s all just going very well really. My feet are happy little walker feet. My face is brown and rosy and the tent is now up and back in action! Well the new one. We purchased an Out Well, much better. No offence Vango but your Icaruas tent was pretty shite. We are much happier and I am really growing attached to my little house and roll matts. 

All in all a happy, simple few days and really looking forward to having a day off to take photos, not to stop walking of course. I could walk forever… My feet just want to keep going and going. Maybe my next walking adventure will be The Great Wall of China? 

I am just about to go to bed safely wrapped up in my sleeping bag. We face the outskirts of Leeds tomorrow as we are currently just East of the main city. Keeping as rural as possible. 

Happy Hump Day! X


A slight path alteration through a few fields under and over a few fences across a river. Usual    

One of my favourite flowers


The daily feet regime 

Nearing the 200 mile point. Can I keep going? 

How am I still going?! I have not hit the wall quite yet. Nearly I did today. Today was hard… We went off route by about 3 miles and it was a real struggle. It is ok to have one low point considering I have nearly done 200 miles without a hiccup I think one low afternoon is allowed, would you say? Tomorrow we reach Harrogate and we are on track or maybe even ahead of schedule which I am very pleased about. 

I will post some photos tomorrow. Going to try and get an early start tomorrow! 

Whatever happens. I will never give up. Or be beaten. I am strong minded and focused. Do not look back or dwell on the miles ahead Hannah! 

Goodnight all x

Walking walking walking…

I don’t even know what day I am on anymore.. How many days have I even been walking? 14 days of walking. It doesn’t seem like that long but to me it feels like a life time.. 

I am sat having a smoothie in Richmond town centre. It’s so very strange to be around others. Especially dressed in my walking boots and gear. I have done about 6 miles and I plan to get to Newton-le-Willows which is approx 9 miles away. 

Tomorrow I will start early early, we’ve had a couple of later starts what with it being my birthday oh and our tent blowing down!! Yes… It is sad to say but the tent poles broke in the gale force winds we’ve had up here. Hopefully the kind folk at Go Outdoors are going to mend the poles. 


We can only laugh! 

I shall not give up whatever the weather. Maybe some more donations might help keep me going 🙂 x


My long awaited day off… 

It is Saturday and it is my day off walking today. Feels very strange as we are in amongst civilisation. I am wear the most stylish of clothes… Socks and sandals, only the best look for up here. 

We are in Richmond, Yorkshire currently. It is very lovely here. A small town with little cottages and a local market. A lovely little castle with a walk way all the way around. Very picturesque. 

The camp site we are staying at is also very lovely, rather basic, fantastic facilities a little farm yard style thrown in real rural rustic shower. Nice gaffer tape here and there. 

I just wish this wind would stop the poor tent has nearly blown down! And it is just so cold all the time. What a lovely British summer… 

The next big aim is the 200 mark which I hope to reach in the next few days!