Goooood morning! 

Hello everyone and what a glorious morning it is. I’ve made it to Newark on Trent a very sweet little village/town. We are camping near a fishery which is very beautiful. This morning I got up for a wee and the Ducks were sat chilling in the sun the lake was so still and beautiful, it really was a delight after all this walking to see such a peaceful scene. 

Today is a rest day! Wahey! I think we are going to head into Lincoln to get a few bits and bobs and just relax and not walk too much! 

The pigeon is singing his darn song again right next to my head which is always a pleasure. He has the strangest tweet it’s like a deep croaky old man singing the same song over and over. All the wood pigeons sing the same song! It’s not like the beautiful black birds and blue tits that are all tweet tweet cute happy tweets. No no. If you’ve heard it you’ll know what I mean… 

A few snaps of yesterday 🙂 enjoy! Only a few weeks and I shall be home and it will all be over. 



Walking walking walking…

I don’t even know what day I am on anymore.. How many days have I even been walking? 14 days of walking. It doesn’t seem like that long but to me it feels like a life time.. 

I am sat having a smoothie in Richmond town centre. It’s so very strange to be around others. Especially dressed in my walking boots and gear. I have done about 6 miles and I plan to get to Newton-le-Willows which is approx 9 miles away. 

Tomorrow I will start early early, we’ve had a couple of later starts what with it being my birthday oh and our tent blowing down!! Yes… It is sad to say but the tent poles broke in the gale force winds we’ve had up here. Hopefully the kind folk at Go Outdoors are going to mend the poles. 


We can only laugh! 

I shall not give up whatever the weather. Maybe some more donations might help keep me going 🙂 x


100 miles and still going strong! 

So we have reached the 100 mile mark, fantastic! 

The weather has been bleak so I have just not had the brain power to update my journey. But fear not I am here tonight. We are now nestled safely in our tent in Slayley (near Hexham). 

Very pleased with our progress, everyday I wake up looking forward to walking, I just enjoy it so much. Some reach thinking time and time to look out at all the animals and things that pass me by. Lots of singing and map orienteering and a rather sunburnt face. 

It is actually my birthday on Thursday and my lovely Christina will be joining us tomorrow, a new face to the journey will be lovely 🙂 she doesn’t know yet but she is facing the tretarous Moors that I did half of today. She will love it! 

A very sad sight today… A poor little lamb was struggling by the side of the road and we saw that his horn was ripped off and his little back leg was all floppy just awful. We had to pick him up and move him away from the edge of the road. We couldn’t do anything else for him, no phone signal, and he belonged to a farmer. Poor little thing. So much road kill it’s unreal. 

Here are a few little snaps from the last few days of fun ness. 


Day 2 17 mile walk Hannah and Papa Ranken 

Day 2 May 26th walking the A68 

So yesterday (26th May) was a good day knocking off 1/500th of the route with a 17 mile day, every little helps after all. 

Awful bit of road kill every 1 mile, dead crows, dead deers, dead badger, rabbits, pheasants you name it, it was there… a very sad distressed birdie was calling out for his friend which was saw lying dead on the road side, very sad to know that a human had done this in their car and probably not even noticed. 

On a lighter note, glorious sunshine beamed down on us so made the day rather enjoyable. All in all a great day. Proud of my dad for enduring the miles. Going it alone tomorrow.  

Some photos from the trip: 


Day 1 25th May Edinburgh to Lothian Bridge

Hello everyone, 

How are we all? We are making great progress. We have survived our first 2 nights and 2 days walking. It’s been slow but that is how we like it after all the tortoise wins the race. 

So let’s begin…

1st night

Our first night was just on the outskirts of Edinburgh, 8 miles away to be exact. It was situated right under a very beautiful Viaduct Bridge, the train however did not run as the track was still being built. We did have the lovely noisey A7 right by our tent all night. Oh such joy with the cars going past all night. Anyway we slept well and walked our first 8 miles with ease, mum walked with me she did very well. A little nagging to start but of course, the usual mother moans. 

Here are some snaps from day 1. 

                       We really are having a lovely time as a family, well half the family. Might not be saying that after a week but keep reading and checking up on our progress and of course spread the word of what the cause is for! (TWOWEEKSIVN)
Day 2  coming next… Horrendous  signal please wait until  I get to Jedburgh tomorrow

We have taken the first steps of our journey …

We have made it safely up to Edinburgh! A 450 mile drive, all done practically in one go. What a fantastic achievement. The start. It is always the hardest and we are here with our lovely new tent up, showered, fed and watered. I feel happy, but of course a little apprehensive of what is to come but it is all in good spirit. I am ready for this. I am so ready to face the music. Me and my little legs will do this walk even if I have to crawl. There is no going back now. 

We have a lovely little camp site just outside of the city centre, Margaret put us in for two nights and even took off some of the camping fee and has donated it to the walk. A lovely lady. Thank you kindly. 

Tomorrows day will start with us driving and dropping me off into the centre, for me to then walk the 7/8 mile leg back to where we are now – Lothian Bridge Camp Site. A shorter day tomorrow to break myself in! 

I will update you all tomorrow. So for now. Farewell and enjoy the rest of the bank holiday.


A few snaps from today: