The last day! 

Hello everyone! 

I tried to post last night but it failed and I was so tired. I have been feeling more and more tired as the last week has come to a close I think my mind is ready to stop. 

Today is my last and final day walking! My goodness I can’t believe it is over and I am actually saying it. What a journey…. 

I want to thank all the lovely people for their donations, their support, their genuine kindness, we humans can sometimes pull together and I really have felt blessed. 

A huge thank you goes to Karen for putting up with me yesterday and my madness! I have such belief in TWOWEEKS and the work that is being done. I am proud to walk for the charity, very very proud to be apart of it all. 

I think this walk is going to bring big changes to my life and I do feel like a calmer better person. I am ready for what is to come! I am the happiest I have ever been and I think it is because I have left go of my fears and also all that nature I’ve been surrounded by. Glorious! 

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies at The Old Bell for the lovely scallops and a little smile, that was a hard day so thank you. 

Here is to the last day and to the many more adventures to come! Today I walk from Harrow to Twickenham, my final destination, a final 11 miles. 

Thank you to everyone and of course any last donations, you know what to do! Click here

One last round of photos from the last few days of walking, I covered Bedford to Flitwick to Luton to St. Albans. 

See you on the other side! 



Today is my birthday! 

And I don’t get a rest on my birthday still walking, still committed everyday! 

Christina and I did a medium sized walk of about 11 miles today which was nice. The sun has been out and it has been absolutely glorious, I do however look like a weathered piece of leather which is nice. All red and burnt, great for the skin! It is hard to keep out of the sun, even when you don’t think it is sunny it is still there getting me. 

A lovely walk along the B6278… 

We saw a very strange site… Pretty horrid really. Some awful animal killings around the countryside. Stringed up moles!! Let the moles live!


A good days walk we made further progress. Here are a few snaps from any days I have missed. I can’t quite keep count of when I am walking and where I am anymore! All I know is each day I progress further and further along the country and I am feeling very happy. Thank you ALL for all the support and donations that keep coming in. Keep them coming! 








I will always remember this birthday 🙂 x

Yesterday’s route 

Walking the A68…

Not much to report on from yesterday, I walked alone just to get the miles done really, walking the A68 for 18 miles. Very dangerous with all the lorries and pretty hard going, but we reached the border which was fantastic. I feel like we are getting somewhere now. 

A lovely day off today wandering photo making. We are at the top of the Pennines which is very picturesque. And it is sunny! Marvellous 🙂

A Happy Hannah.