My weekend of antics.

This weekend has been a fun filled sunny joy.I visited my best friend who I hadn’t seen in over 6 months, it was lovely to catch up over pizza and wine. I also did a little training in the countryside, I went on a 10 mile walk which was a delight. Everyday I am discovering new ways to enjoy nature and my time alone. As I will be spending a fair bit of my 6 weeks walking alone I need to prep myself not only physically but mentally too. On Sunday I did a mixture of green space walking and A road walking along my 10 mile trip, I took 1 break but kept up the pace, I completed the walk in just over 4 hours. Some snaps from my day in the sun…


I don’t think I have ever seen so many daisies in one spot, it was like a sea of white little faces, just beautiful.

IMG_8834 IMG_8832IMG_8805

Some road kill, poor little guys.

IMG_8833 IMG_8831 IMG_8827 IMG_8813 IMG_8809 IMG_8807  IMG_8803 IMG_8802 IMG_8799 IMG_8798


Weekend Walking

This weekend was a beautiful one, absolutely perfect for a stroll in the park. Everyone was peeling off their winter layers, for at last a bit of sunshine on our beaming faces.

I did a 10 mile round walk early Sunday morning and I actually found it pretty ok. I could quite happily get up the next day and go again, I was a little sleepy afterwards but I think I needed to manage my food intake better. More food at the beginning.

I of course did my standard Richmond park route with an added 4 miles, lots of lovely things passed me by on route, the main thing I enjoyed was when two strangers dogs decided to have a little session right in the middle of the path. Oh how I did chuckle.

I trialled a little power up pouch which was interesting, quite enjoyed the little kick.


Lots of happy trees along route.

image9 image8 image7

do not pick the mushies.

image10 image6

I had a lovely walk and I can’t wait to go again, this time I will increase the weight of my bag and go for a little further. Next walk Putney to Holborn Viaduct 6am.

See you all soon!

My new North Face boots

I decided some new boots were in order for my walk. I needed good quality boots, a reliable brand and of course a pair that looked super sexy!

What better brand to buy from than North Face!

I am going to walk to Battersea this Sunday and trial them out, so so so so excited.

A big thank you to North Face for being the brand you are today.

Brand: North Face

Style: Wreck Goretex mid boots

Colour: Purple

Happiness: 100%

Hannahs Walk

Love love love x

Training Program (so far…)

I have put together a basic training program for my walk. There are many different approaches to take and mine is most probably not right at all but it is what suits me and it is what I can fit into my weeks… I will trial it for January and then make amendments each month onwards.

Per Week

2 runs a week (spread throughout the week) approx 5k distance

1 session of Yoga or Pilates

After work walk – work to home/ home around the block etc. (1 hour+/ approx 3 miles)

Every day walk from Waterloo to work and back (1.5 miles each way)

Weekend morning walk (15miles +)

Stretch everyday

20 min walk with extremely heavy bag (twice- three times a week)

If anyone has any tips or changes please let me know, of course as I get closer to the walk I will be doing more long distances in a row, but I think for me this is good!