Finalist with Newbie Blog Award!

I am very proud to say that my blog got me finalist in the Newbie Outdoor Blog Award.

Thank you to Shaun at Simply Hike for sorting out the award and the fantastic communication, my first ever trophy, and a very nice one at that!

My walk blog is probably going to wrap up now for summer and as the walk is over I feel it wouldn’t be worth me carrying on writing, but I might just pick it back up at a later date with a new adventure, so keeps your eyes out! Enjoy your summer everyone and thanks again for all the support, it has been an incredible journey.

Goodbye for now x


Why I am doing the walk in the first place

So my recent blog posts have been mainly about my journey on route but I wanted to post something a little different today. I wanted to talk about what the cause of this whole walk is all about. 
The charity, which you should all know by now is called TWOWEEKS, it is a small not for profit charity which started off by allowing professional medics to go and volunteer abroad for just two weeks. As medics find it difficult to commit to long durations of holiday time TWOWEEKS wanted to cater for this and not disrupt their work time. 

The charity has grown rapidly over the last few years and now sends both medics and non medics out to South Africa all year long. Whe volunteering with TWOWEEKS you work closely with the kids, the teachers, schools, clinics to support as best as you can and also to allow you to really be apart of the project. TWOWEEKS sits very close to my heart as I have been out and worked on projects, seen the hard work that everyone puts in and I’ve seen the difference each TWOWEEKS volunteer makes during their time away from home. It is important to understand that when you are donating to my walk you are donating to an amazing and incredible cause and the money really does go to the people. 

The amazing women behind this charity put their whole everything into giving kids and their families as much support as they can to get them on the road to living a better life. This is all done out of choice, there is no salary or big promotion for those that run or involve themselves in TWOWEEKS. 
Here are a few snaps from the lovely Elly who is out in SA at the moment. 





You can donate through my Virgin Giving page here

100 miles and still going strong! 

So we have reached the 100 mile mark, fantastic! 

The weather has been bleak so I have just not had the brain power to update my journey. But fear not I am here tonight. We are now nestled safely in our tent in Slayley (near Hexham). 

Very pleased with our progress, everyday I wake up looking forward to walking, I just enjoy it so much. Some reach thinking time and time to look out at all the animals and things that pass me by. Lots of singing and map orienteering and a rather sunburnt face. 

It is actually my birthday on Thursday and my lovely Christina will be joining us tomorrow, a new face to the journey will be lovely 🙂 she doesn’t know yet but she is facing the tretarous Moors that I did half of today. She will love it! 

A very sad sight today… A poor little lamb was struggling by the side of the road and we saw that his horn was ripped off and his little back leg was all floppy just awful. We had to pick him up and move him away from the edge of the road. We couldn’t do anything else for him, no phone signal, and he belonged to a farmer. Poor little thing. So much road kill it’s unreal. 

Here are a few little snaps from the last few days of fun ness. 


Yesterday’s route 

Walking the A68…

Not much to report on from yesterday, I walked alone just to get the miles done really, walking the A68 for 18 miles. Very dangerous with all the lorries and pretty hard going, but we reached the border which was fantastic. I feel like we are getting somewhere now. 

A lovely day off today wandering photo making. We are at the top of the Pennines which is very picturesque. And it is sunny! Marvellous 🙂

A Happy Hannah. 

That passing moment…

I often find myself in these special passing moments with others. On the train, in the supermarket or just walking along the road. We talk and we laugh and we share joys about our lives. Then the moment has gone and I never see them again. We are so busy living and constantly moving onto the next task that we don’t stop to think or communicate with one another.

So when I feel I have brought a little brightness to another’s day I feel content.
Maybe I have an approachable face or my current inner happiness shows. Whatever it is. I enjoy it and we should all stop for a moment, once in a while, and just appreciate others humans. Come out of the bubble and look around you. After all we are all living on one planet and getting along is much, much more enjoyable then fighting.

Today is the day to donate!

Last week I decided to just send out a few tweets and emails just to spread the word of my walk and guess what? I received 4 donations! And hundreds of retweets and favourite. Now that is support!

I hope that my walk encourages others to take on a challenge that they have been longing to do, or just brings people a little bit of excitement and inspiration to their day. Every element in my body wants to achieve this mainly for TWOWEEKS but also for self satisfaction. I mean… if I can overcome this challenge then I can overcome anything!

Spread a little love on #EarthDay for the kids and families out in Africa that are faced with hard heartbreaking challenges everyday. Sponsor the walk!


Weekend Walking

This weekend was a beautiful one, absolutely perfect for a stroll in the park. Everyone was peeling off their winter layers, for at last a bit of sunshine on our beaming faces.

I did a 10 mile round walk early Sunday morning and I actually found it pretty ok. I could quite happily get up the next day and go again, I was a little sleepy afterwards but I think I needed to manage my food intake better. More food at the beginning.

I of course did my standard Richmond park route with an added 4 miles, lots of lovely things passed me by on route, the main thing I enjoyed was when two strangers dogs decided to have a little session right in the middle of the path. Oh how I did chuckle.

I trialled a little power up pouch which was interesting, quite enjoyed the little kick.


Lots of happy trees along route.

image9 image8 image7

do not pick the mushies.

image10 image6

I had a lovely walk and I can’t wait to go again, this time I will increase the weight of my bag and go for a little further. Next walk Putney to Holborn Viaduct 6am.

See you all soon!

My new Hena obsession

I have started to get absolutely obsessed with Henna. I got myself 6 cones off eBay and I am Henner-ing at every minute I possibly can, I am running out of skin to Henna! I know this isn’t really walk related but it does inspire me and keep me creative. Enjoy my Henna images, I am getting better day by day.. I mean I am not good… yet, watch this space!

Hanahs walk Hanahs walk image3 image4 image5 image6

Paula Reid Talk

I went to an incredibly inspiring talk held by the lovely Paula Reid last night.

Paula skied the Full Distance from the Coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, taking 46 days.

The way she spoke about her pre trip planning, the actual adventure and the after was very calm and collected, she knew exactly what was needed to the T. She spoke in a way which showed me she was a very sure woman. She is sure of herself achieving this incredible distance had reinforced every element. I don’t think one could take up this challenge without being fully aware of themselves and being at one.

I really need to take some of this energy and push it into my walk, I will be alone for most of this and loneliness can eat at your soul causing you to want to quit. I need an empty, clear mind to be able to focus each day and take the steps all the way to the end.

Hannah's Walk

Thank you Paula, I look forward to hearing of you next challenge! See Paula’s website here.