Good morning 

A few stories to share after a little slacking on the blogging. 

So I’m now walking alone and have been for the last two days which has been nice, my bag has been getting to me a bit as I load up on food it is just such a lump! I haven’t had a day off since last Thursday so Sunday I will rest I believe. 

So the last week has been magical we’ve had such a wonderful time, lots of sun, lots of laughing and just getting those miles done! Meeting just a whole bunch a beautiful people welllll only one small hiccup, there has to be one! 

So we decided to do a few public footpaths one day, you know… Cut the miles down. We were following the path exactly and we came across an amazing, what looked like unused airstrip. We played aeroplanes as you do and then followed the path through a farmers farm, which I’ve done before with no hassle. But then we reached a point where we weren’t sure where the path went and we’re doing some map reading and suddenly two shot gun fires are fired over in our direction. 50 metres away! The noise! The fear struck through my soul. I thought this is it this is the end of me. Not even going to make it to the end of the walk! Ha. 

But no it was fine, it was either the farmer warning us to F off his land, a warning that there was a microlight coming in for landing. Or who knows. Someone sure had the grump with us. But what an adrenalin rush that was! 

Apart from that everything is going swimmingly. I am now in Chelveston, in a very cosy clean sort of apartment style B and B which is very nice. Great owners. A huge thank you for putting me up! 

A couple of days and I will be in Bedford and then Karen and Bob join me. I am getting closer to the end and all those people who I know sercretly didn’t believe in me, well I think I might actually make it! Just watch these little legs GO. 



My weekend of antics.

This weekend has been a fun filled sunny joy.I visited my best friend who I hadn’t seen in over 6 months, it was lovely to catch up over pizza and wine. I also did a little training in the countryside, I went on a 10 mile walk which was a delight. Everyday I am discovering new ways to enjoy nature and my time alone. As I will be spending a fair bit of my 6 weeks walking alone I need to prep myself not only physically but mentally too. On Sunday I did a mixture of green space walking and A road walking along my 10 mile trip, I took 1 break but kept up the pace, I completed the walk in just over 4 hours. Some snaps from my day in the sun…


I don’t think I have ever seen so many daisies in one spot, it was like a sea of white little faces, just beautiful.

IMG_8834 IMG_8832IMG_8805

Some road kill, poor little guys.

IMG_8833 IMG_8831 IMG_8827 IMG_8813 IMG_8809 IMG_8807  IMG_8803 IMG_8802 IMG_8799 IMG_8798