Goooood morning! 

Hello everyone and what a glorious morning it is. I’ve made it to Newark on Trent a very sweet little village/town. We are camping near a fishery which is very beautiful. This morning I got up for a wee and the Ducks were sat chilling in the sun the lake was so still and beautiful, it really was a delight after all this walking to see such a peaceful scene. 

Today is a rest day! Wahey! I think we are going to head into Lincoln to get a few bits and bobs and just relax and not walk too much! 

The pigeon is singing his darn song again right next to my head which is always a pleasure. He has the strangest tweet it’s like a deep croaky old man singing the same song over and over. All the wood pigeons sing the same song! It’s not like the beautiful black birds and blue tits that are all tweet tweet cute happy tweets. No no. If you’ve heard it you’ll know what I mean… 

A few snaps of yesterday 🙂 enjoy! Only a few weeks and I shall be home and it will all be over. 



And the sunshine came out

oh we have had a lovely couple of days of sunshine and tomorrow they say it is still going to be lovely again. I have ever growing strange tan lines, the sock lines are the most flattering 😉 

The middle part of the UK is rather dull not much to differentiate one day from the next lots of sweet country villages and windy roads to navigate round. Very pretty and sweet but not where I would chose to actually live. I am missing London today I must say. 

So the last couple of days I walked a variety of some days alone and some with my dad and some afternoons with my mum. It’s all just going very well really. My feet are happy little walker feet. My face is brown and rosy and the tent is now up and back in action! Well the new one. We purchased an Out Well, much better. No offence Vango but your Icaruas tent was pretty shite. We are much happier and I am really growing attached to my little house and roll matts. 

All in all a happy, simple few days and really looking forward to having a day off to take photos, not to stop walking of course. I could walk forever… My feet just want to keep going and going. Maybe my next walking adventure will be The Great Wall of China? 

I am just about to go to bed safely wrapped up in my sleeping bag. We face the outskirts of Leeds tomorrow as we are currently just East of the main city. Keeping as rural as possible. 

Happy Hump Day! X


A slight path alteration through a few fields under and over a few fences across a river. Usual    

One of my favourite flowers


The daily feet regime 

Nearing the 200 mile point. Can I keep going? 

How am I still going?! I have not hit the wall quite yet. Nearly I did today. Today was hard… We went off route by about 3 miles and it was a real struggle. It is ok to have one low point considering I have nearly done 200 miles without a hiccup I think one low afternoon is allowed, would you say? Tomorrow we reach Harrogate and we are on track or maybe even ahead of schedule which I am very pleased about. 

I will post some photos tomorrow. Going to try and get an early start tomorrow! 

Whatever happens. I will never give up. Or be beaten. I am strong minded and focused. Do not look back or dwell on the miles ahead Hannah! 

Goodnight all x

Day 1 25th May Edinburgh to Lothian Bridge

Hello everyone, 

How are we all? We are making great progress. We have survived our first 2 nights and 2 days walking. It’s been slow but that is how we like it after all the tortoise wins the race. 

So let’s begin…

1st night

Our first night was just on the outskirts of Edinburgh, 8 miles away to be exact. It was situated right under a very beautiful Viaduct Bridge, the train however did not run as the track was still being built. We did have the lovely noisey A7 right by our tent all night. Oh such joy with the cars going past all night. Anyway we slept well and walked our first 8 miles with ease, mum walked with me she did very well. A little nagging to start but of course, the usual mother moans. 

Here are some snaps from day 1. 

                       We really are having a lovely time as a family, well half the family. Might not be saying that after a week but keep reading and checking up on our progress and of course spread the word of what the cause is for! (TWOWEEKSIVN)
Day 2  coming next… Horrendous  signal please wait until  I get to Jedburgh tomorrow

Tips for Waking Up Early

The early morning hours are so quiet.  There’s space to breathe, reflect, meditate, read, write.  If you’re like me, and you want to make an early start but you just can’t, then here are 5 tips:

  1. Wake up a little bit earlier everyday until you get to your goal wake up time.
  2. Think, “I am a morning person. I love waking up early.”
  3. Put your alarm out of reach, so you have to get up to turn it off.
  4. Motivate yourself with an inspiring reason to rise early.

5. Go to bed early!

Thank you Inner Space.