Finalist with Newbie Blog Award!

I am very proud to say that my blog got me finalist in the Newbie Outdoor Blog Award.

Thank you to Shaun at Simply Hike for sorting out the award and the fantastic communication, my first ever trophy, and a very nice one at that!

My walk blog is probably going to wrap up now for summer and as the walk is over I feel it wouldn’t be worth me carrying on writing, but I might just pick it back up at a later date with a new adventure, so keeps your eyes out! Enjoy your summer everyone and thanks again for all the support, it has been an incredible journey.

Goodbye for now x


And the sun is shining! 

Good morning everyone!
So today is a wonderful day as the lovely Karen and Bob are joining me on route for a days walking. We are in Flitwick heading to Luton. We had a wonderful breakfast this morning… Eggs eggs eggs! 

We have a 10 mile walk ahead of us which will be nice, not too far for the newbies 😉 

So close to home it is incredible I don’t think it will set in until a few days after I’ve finished. I want to go on the adventure all over again, I am going to miss walking so so much. I just have found such a happiness in walking. Everyday I look forward to walking. It’s an incredible thing and there will be so many more adventures to come! 

The last few days have been pretty similar just getting the miles done, the roads are busier, there is less nature for me to immerse myself in, it is just a different experience altogether. I mean there are so many people! And no one says hello to me anymore. I will miss the happy villages, the quiet peaceful soundless skies. I feel finally at one with myself. Glorious!

Karen and are are getting ready in our beautiful manor hotel, and off we go! 


Walking walking walking…

I don’t even know what day I am on anymore.. How many days have I even been walking? 14 days of walking. It doesn’t seem like that long but to me it feels like a life time.. 

I am sat having a smoothie in Richmond town centre. It’s so very strange to be around others. Especially dressed in my walking boots and gear. I have done about 6 miles and I plan to get to Newton-le-Willows which is approx 9 miles away. 

Tomorrow I will start early early, we’ve had a couple of later starts what with it being my birthday oh and our tent blowing down!! Yes… It is sad to say but the tent poles broke in the gale force winds we’ve had up here. Hopefully the kind folk at Go Outdoors are going to mend the poles. 


We can only laugh! 

I shall not give up whatever the weather. Maybe some more donations might help keep me going 🙂 x


100 miles and still going strong! 

So we have reached the 100 mile mark, fantastic! 

The weather has been bleak so I have just not had the brain power to update my journey. But fear not I am here tonight. We are now nestled safely in our tent in Slayley (near Hexham). 

Very pleased with our progress, everyday I wake up looking forward to walking, I just enjoy it so much. Some reach thinking time and time to look out at all the animals and things that pass me by. Lots of singing and map orienteering and a rather sunburnt face. 

It is actually my birthday on Thursday and my lovely Christina will be joining us tomorrow, a new face to the journey will be lovely 🙂 she doesn’t know yet but she is facing the tretarous Moors that I did half of today. She will love it! 

A very sad sight today… A poor little lamb was struggling by the side of the road and we saw that his horn was ripped off and his little back leg was all floppy just awful. We had to pick him up and move him away from the edge of the road. We couldn’t do anything else for him, no phone signal, and he belonged to a farmer. Poor little thing. So much road kill it’s unreal. 

Here are a few little snaps from the last few days of fun ness. 


Glastonbury? Not this year…

Yesterday the realisation kicked in. I will not be going to Glastonbury festival this year.

I never thought I would say those words.

It pains me! It is the highlight of my year, everything about Glastonbury is magical, creative and it is made for me! … but this year I will be walking the walk so it is ok for me to miss it. It is for a good cause and it will be a once in a life time walk that I probably will never take again. So I can justify missing Glasto for one year.

But next year, now that is a different story….

My new Hena obsession

I have started to get absolutely obsessed with Henna. I got myself 6 cones off eBay and I am Henner-ing at every minute I possibly can, I am running out of skin to Henna! I know this isn’t really walk related but it does inspire me and keep me creative. Enjoy my Henna images, I am getting better day by day.. I mean I am not good… yet, watch this space!

Hanahs walk Hanahs walk image3 image4 image5 image6