Why I am doing the walk in the first place

So my recent blog posts have been mainly about my journey on route but I wanted to post something a little different today. I wanted to talk about what the cause of this whole walk is all about. 
The charity, which you should all know by now is called TWOWEEKS, it is a small not for profit charity which started off by allowing professional medics to go and volunteer abroad for just two weeks. As medics find it difficult to commit to long durations of holiday time TWOWEEKS wanted to cater for this and not disrupt their work time. 

The charity has grown rapidly over the last few years and now sends both medics and non medics out to South Africa all year long. Whe volunteering with TWOWEEKS you work closely with the kids, the teachers, schools, clinics to support as best as you can and also to allow you to really be apart of the project. TWOWEEKS sits very close to my heart as I have been out and worked on projects, seen the hard work that everyone puts in and I’ve seen the difference each TWOWEEKS volunteer makes during their time away from home. It is important to understand that when you are donating to my walk you are donating to an amazing and incredible cause and the money really does go to the people. 

The amazing women behind this charity put their whole everything into giving kids and their families as much support as they can to get them on the road to living a better life. This is all done out of choice, there is no salary or big promotion for those that run or involve themselves in TWOWEEKS. 
Here are a few snaps from the lovely Elly who is out in SA at the moment. 





You can donate through my Virgin Giving page here


Karin, Katy and little ol’ Betsy

oh what a delightful day we’ve had! The four of us! Karin and Katy, fellow TWOWEEKS volunteers joined me walking for a day and Katy brought along her gorgeous dog Betsy. It was such a treat to have some girls time. So a big thank you to them for joining and giving me a bit of a lighter day. 

We walk about 10 miles from Retford to Tuxford and then stopped for a really tasty lunch in the local cafe ChilliPetals, which also had an art gallery. We received two donations from the ladies at the cafe so a big thank you to them for all the support 🙂 

A really sunny lovely day with the girls here are a few snaps. 


World AIDS Day

This time last year I was volunteering out in South Africa at Lily of the Valley. Each child at Lily is living with HIV, something they have to deal with everyday for the rest of their lives. To be able to spend Christmas out in Africa was such a wonderful experience, we had so much fun! I would go back and do it all again this year if I could…

From the smiling faces to the incredible songs they sing, they made me laugh every day I was there. These kids might be diagnosed with HIV but they have so much energy and life and they deserve happiness and the chance to shine as much as any other child.

Please show your support on World AIDS Day and give people fighting HIV a chance in life.