How to connect with nature.

I am currently dipping in and out of this really lovely little book I picked up from Foyles the other day. It is really well written actually and is small enough so I take it everywhere I go. So far I have learnt:

Clovers like to grow on turned up terrain, so often around football goals, where people regularly cross a field, these places clovers grow in little pockets.

I have also learnt that plants grow differently depending on what colours they are exposed to, I am not sure if all colours effect them but definitely red and blue.

This book is one from many of the┬áseries of fascinating self-help books called ‘The School of Life’ If you come by one, just pick it up and maybe you might like it. Go for it!

Hannahs walk

More to follow on this with more learnt facts and fascinating tree-enriched tales, coming your way soon.


My new North Face boots

I decided some new boots were in order for my walk. I needed good quality boots, a reliable brand and of course a pair that looked super sexy!

What better brand to buy from than North Face!

I am going to walk to Battersea this Sunday and trial them out, so so so so excited.

A big thank you to North Face for being the brand you are today.

Brand: North Face

Style: Wreck Goretex mid boots

Colour: Purple

Happiness: 100%

Hannahs Walk

Love love love x

These Boots Were Made For Walking

I have finally walked through my first pair of boots…

I was walking in Richmond park and thought… gosh… my left sole of my foot is killing me what on earth..? So I undid it and had a good peak inside the boot, I believe I am nearly at the bottom of the boot and right through to the ground! Well ok maybe I am over exaggerating a little! But I have walked through the innersole and I have had them for maybe 6 or 7 years? Maybe longer… It could be time for a new pair perhaps?

Good bye boots!

Hannahs walk