Goooood morning! 

Hello everyone and what a glorious morning it is. I’ve made it to Newark on Trent a very sweet little village/town. We are camping near a fishery which is very beautiful. This morning I got up for a wee and the Ducks were sat chilling in the sun the lake was so still and beautiful, it really was a delight after all this walking to see such a peaceful scene. 

Today is a rest day! Wahey! I think we are going to head into Lincoln to get a few bits and bobs and just relax and not walk too much! 

The pigeon is singing his darn song again right next to my head which is always a pleasure. He has the strangest tweet it’s like a deep croaky old man singing the same song over and over. All the wood pigeons sing the same song! It’s not like the beautiful black birds and blue tits that are all tweet tweet cute happy tweets. No no. If you’ve heard it you’ll know what I mean… 

A few snaps of yesterday 🙂 enjoy! Only a few weeks and I shall be home and it will all be over. 



Day 2 17 mile walk Hannah and Papa Ranken 

Day 2 May 26th walking the A68 

So yesterday (26th May) was a good day knocking off 1/500th of the route with a 17 mile day, every little helps after all. 

Awful bit of road kill every 1 mile, dead crows, dead deers, dead badger, rabbits, pheasants you name it, it was there… a very sad distressed birdie was calling out for his friend which was saw lying dead on the road side, very sad to know that a human had done this in their car and probably not even noticed. 

On a lighter note, glorious sunshine beamed down on us so made the day rather enjoyable. All in all a great day. Proud of my dad for enduring the miles. Going it alone tomorrow.  

Some photos from the trip: